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Old Sturditoy Coal Truck with chute large Sturditoy Oil Truck with spigot  Early Sturditoy Dump Truck
Antique 1931 Sturditoy pressed steel chemical fire truck, antique
Buddy L fire truck wanted Sturditoy
coal truck painted black or orange needed Sturditoy oil truck with caps. Orig 1928 Sturditoy Sprinkler
Truck painted green.    
Sturditoy trucks including vintage pressed steel toys and Buddy L toys similar
or sturditoy gondola
antique toy appraisals. All large sturditoy trucks red sturditoy steam shovel 1924
sturditoy dump truck Buying sturditoy wrecker and accessories Sturditoy toys original sturditoy trucks
all 1920's sturditoy toy trucks in all colors.     Sturditoy trucking company truck painted blue,
U S mail truck both colors green and blue wanted
Buddy L museum world's largest buyer of sturditoy
trucks Old
sturditoy catalog with pictures original sturditoy dump trucks Vintage sturditoy oil truck and
sturditoy water tower truck needed.  Big Sturditoys Sturditoy non-restored condition. Buying Sturditoy
wrecker or Sturditoy dump truck with working  bed.  1926 Sturditoy fixed bed truck needed along with
1925 Sturditoy Dairy Wagon. Unique Sturditoy accessories wanted including big Sturditoy dairy cans
1925 Sturditoy U. S Mail truck with rear doors and key can be  found in the
Buddy L Museum Gallery
Contact us with your Sturditoy trucks in any condition  Buying Sturditoy trucks & all old pressed steel
toy trucks including Buddy L and
keystone toy trucks.  Wanted for immediate purchase rare Buddy L
Cars and Trains.    The Sturditoy Company ceased operation in 1933 exiting the worst decade in the
history of toy making.  Buddy L Museum always seeking to purchase any
Buddy L dump truck or big
Fire or Coal Truck. Your pressed steel toys are important to us.  Buddy L Museum helping collectors
buy sell and trade toys since 1968 buying single toys or entire collections.   E-mail us if you currently
have blue
Sturditoy police department truck or red Sturditoy armored truck 4 sale  Paying thousands
of dollars for any Sturditoy or Buddy L Fire Truck in 9 plus condition.
Antique Buddy L trucks wanted
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