Paying Thousands  of Dollars  for certain
Trucks including 1926 Sturditoy
Police Patrol Truck   and   1928 Sturditoy
Ambulance Also Wanted: Sturditoy Water
Tower Auto,  
Sturditoy Pumper,  Sturditoy
Gondola  and Sturditoy American Railway
Express Truck. Contact Buddy L Museum
Sturditoy armored truck wanted Sturditoy armored car with red paint needed old Sturditoy dump truck w/ decals
for sale?  Buying any
Sturditoy truck, large Sturditoy ambulance or black Sturdtioy coal truck with chute contact
our museum with your old
Struditoy trucks for sale Paying up to $2,300 for any Sturditoy police patrol or Buddy
l truck in excellent condition Your
Buddy l truck and old Buddy L toys are important to us Highest prices paid for
all Sturditoys, Buddy L, Keystone & more. Red armored, dump, coal trucks wanted. Free antique
toy appraisals
Wanted For Immediate Purchase: Lime green Sturditoy Dump Truck, all Keystone Toy trucks and prewar
Buddy L Truck.   Old Buddy L Trains Large Blue  Buddy L Bus  Antique Steelcraft Toy Truck with working
dump bed. Blue Keystone Toy Bus with handle and opening top door. Antique Buddy L Truck needed for
exhibit hall Old
Keystone Toy Truck wanted.  Sturditoy Dump truck needed regardless of condition Three
color Sturditoy dump trucks were manufactured with and without headlights Old Sturditoys and all antique
Toy Trucks wanted. Old
Buddy L Fire Truck including all vintage Pressed steel Toys  Mechanical working
Buddy L Trains with original Buddy L Airplane displayed throughout the Buddy L Museum photo galleries
Orig 1928 black and orange Sturditoy Oil Company Truck. Contact us with all your Antique Toy Trucks &
Cars. We are world's leading buyer of Buddy L Toys as well as all prewar
Sturditoy trucks produced prior
to 1933. Your
Sturditoy and Buddy L Truck is important to us.   Buddy L Museum helping collectors since
1968.  All inquires kept confidential. Antique Buddy L price guide by request. Free antique toy appraisals
E-mail us
E-mail us
Free Antique Toy Appraisals
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Buddy L Museum Specializing in Sturditoy Trucks
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Sturditoy Trucks Price Guide & Appraisals
Sturditoy U S Mail Truck
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Buddy L Museum America's Largest buyer of vintage Sturditoy Trucks. Contact us if you have a antique
Sturditoy Dump Truck or any  other Sturditoy truck for sale.  Highest prices paid  ~ Free Price Guide
Sturditoy Trucks wanted any condition
Sturditoy Armored Truck wanted regardless of
condition, with and without rear doors or headlights.
Contact us today if you have an original Sturditoy truck or large Buddy L Truck for sale
E-mail photos of your
Sturditoy dump trucks or
Sturditoy Coal
Buddy L Toys, antique
toys for sale, Highest
Prices Paid Sturditoy
Steam Shovel Value
Buddy L Museum paying
Thousands of dollars for old
sturditoy trucks & Buddy L Toys
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Antique Buddy L Toy Appraisals
Sturditoy Dump Truck Appraisals
Vintage Buddy L Toys Link
Buying All Sturditoy Trucks
Sturditoy Truck Specialists
Contact Us If you have a
Sturditoy Traveling Store
Truck for sale. Original paint
wanted regardless of color or
age Highest prices paid
Sturditoy toys
Buddy L Toy
Museum  always
paying 30%-60%
more for all
trucks than anybody in
the country  Contact
us with all your
L & antique toy sale.
Free appraisals on all
Buddy L toys
Partial List of Sturditoys Wanted:
Keystone Toy Truck Appraisals
AntiqueToy Appraisals
Current Sturditoy Prices
Also buying Sturditoy
catalogs all other old
materials and trucks
Old Sturditoy Armored Truck  
Sturditoy Ambulance
Sturditoy Armored Car
Blue Sturditoy U S Mail Truck
Big Antique Sturditoy Truck
Green Sturditoy Dump Truck
Black Sturditoy Coal Truck
Buying All Sturditoy Trucks
Rare Large Sturditoy Trucks
Struditoy Police Department
Sturditoy Police Patrol Truck
Sturditoy Trucks For Sale
Old Sturditoy U S Army Truck
1930 Sturditoy Dairy Truck
1926 Sturditoy Sprinkler Truck
All Sturditoy toys wanted for immediate purchase. Sturditoy catalogs, Sturditoy toy trucks any orig Sturditoy toy wanted
regardless of condition. The Buddy "L" Museum is America's largest buyer of Sturditoys and vintage Buddy L trucks
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Buying sturditoy trucks any condition sturditoy trucks wanted Free Sturditoy Appraisals ~ Buddy L Toy Museum paying thousands of dollars for Sturditoy & Buddy L trucks, any condition. Specializing in Buddy L & Sturditoy. How much is your Sturditoy Truck worth?  Highest Prices Paid
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4 sturditoy & Buddy L
antique toy appraisals
Keystone antique toy appraisals
Free Appraisals
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Broken buddy l antique toy appraisals
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Contact The Buddy L Toy Museum with all your
vintage space toys, pressed steel Buddy L Trucks,
Sturditoy trucks, Keystone trucks and all antique toys
for sale. Highest prices paid for sturditoy catalogs
Antique sturditoy truck for sale
America's Oldest Buyer of Sturditoy Trucks
toys for sale, buddy l
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space toys appraisals
Antique Buddy L Trucks
Rare Sturditoy Huckster Wanted
Antique Sturditoy Huckster Wanted
Vintage Sturditoy Trucks For Sale
Sturditoy Wrecker ~ Oil Truck ~ Dump Truck ~ Coal Truck
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