Buddy L Books and Buddy L Catalog Prices ~ Circa 1925 Buddy "L" advertisement
All Steel Indestructible Toys for Boys,
Buddy L Toys are more than just playthings
they awaken the imagination; create confidence, build character and they last Their
gauge steel, braced, trussed and spot-welded they can't break or be taken apart and
they are still good after play day years have long since gone and Buddy L is aspleep
Almost fifty toys in the
Buddy "L" line —  a toy to fit your boy's own individuality-
trucks, dumps, trains, fire apparatus; building equipment - concrete mixers, cranes
dredges, etc. All exact duplicates in design of big power machinery Years of fun in
every one.
Buddy L Price vary according to model.   Buddy L books now available
Your Boy Will Enjoy This Story of
Buddy "L"     Old toy trucks wanted contact us
Here's the real
Buddy "L"   His daddy wants to send your boy the story of how the
very first All-Steel Indestructible
Buddy "L" Toy happened to be made; wants your
boy to read how this most remarkably strong and clever the great
Buddy L Line of
playthings was designed and built for
Buddy L boys and girls those young at heart
FREE--Send for the interesting story of
Buddy "L"  It's free. You'll enjoy reading it.
Pick out what your boy likes best then write us and we'll tell you at what store you
can get these better toys at prices you'll be glad to pay Moline Pressed Steel Co the
most comprehensive maker in pressed steel toys.
Buddy L Toys for Boys and Girls
Buddy L Museum buying vintage space toy collections wind up friction rare space
toys wanted Buying 1920's Buddy L toys and trucks. Free Antique Toy Appraisals
Wanted: antique Buddy L trains, Steelcraft Toy Trucks and prewar keystone toy trucks. Early
Steelcraft toy trains with beige wheels. Huge
Buddy L road roller.  White Buddy L toy truck.  Antique
Large Sturditoy fire truck with non working pump 1928 Buddy L Steam Shovel and spigot .  1928
Blue Steelcraft toy dump truck.   Steelcraft railway express Truck 1931
Sturditoy toy moving van
Wanted; Buddy L Cars, Buddy L Toys  Vintage Space Toys ~ Steelcraft toy dump truck ~  
Keystone trucks with rubber wheels. Do you have a Buddy L Fire truck for sale?   Email 1 photo
of each side.  
Buddy L Museum  1921 - 1948  Sturditoy 1926 - 1934   1923 - buying Keystone
toy trucks for almost half a century. Old
Buddy L Moving Van with working steering needed.
Sturditoy dump truck wanted any color.     Steelcraft toy airplane manufactured before WW2
wanted. Buying all prewar
Buddy L toys regardless of condition Email us with your Sturditoy
truck. We are the largest buyer of
Buddy L trains and old Steelcraft toy trucks in the nation.
Presently seeking old Sturditoy trucks
Buddy L trucks, old Buddy L cars any condition wanted
Buddy L  Express Truck with knuckle axles and rear doors needed. Your red Buddy L Water
Tower Fire Truck in good condition can be worth several thousand dollars email us for more
details 1925 orange
Sturditoy Coal Truck link can be found by visiting any of the highlighted
links.  Rare
Buddy L Oil Truck with working sprinkler bar often missing is quite common among
these viewing visit our
Sturditoy website www.@BuddyLTruck.com Buying single toys or entire
collections.    To view our latest addition yellow 1925 Buddy L Dump Truck visit our photo gallery 4
If you own a prewar Buddy L Dump truck with rubber tires please contact us immediately.
Pictures and detailed information on all
Buddy L Toys including the Buddy L fire truck, Buddy L
ice truck and all
Buddy L trucks produced between 1921-1938. Want  to know the value of your
Keystone u s army truck or early red Keystone Steam Shovel truck?  Email the Buddy L  Museum
Free appraisals for all Keystone toy trucks and Buddy L toys manufactured before 1939.  Any
original prototype
Buddy L moving van or unpainted Buddy L wrecker bring extreme prices when
accompanied with documentation. Early
Buddy L toy trucks can range in value from five hundred
dollars to fourteen thousand dollars. When you need an insurance appraisal for your yellow
L ice truck or an entire collection of Buddy L trucks contact us for all your professional needs All
pressed steel toys depicted in the
Buddy L Museum are unrestored original examples
© 2004 - © 2020 Buddy L Museum
Buying Antique Buddy L Trucks & Vintage Space Toys
Large Sturditoy fire truck with non working pump 1929 Buddy L Steam Shovel and spigot, 1928
Blue Steelcraft toy dump truck. Steelcraft railway express truck, 1931
Sturditoy toy moving van,
antique Buddy L trucks for sale? Early Keystone toy trucks wanted 1925 Steelcraft toy airplane.
Brown Steelcraft mandell brothers van with 2 rear doors. Buying all model Sturditoy toy trucks
Appraisals ~
Buddy L Toy Museum paying absolute highest prices in America for Antique Buddy L Toys,
55%-90% more than eBay, antique dealers and toy shows Free Appraisals
Buddy L Toy Museum
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1926 Keystone Sprinkler Truck
1927 Sturditoy Steam Shovel
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Antique Buddy L Trucks
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Colorful Buddy L Bus
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