Contact with all your pressed steel toys and Buddy L trucks for sale.  Presently
buying any antique Kingsbury Roadster, Steelcraft Truck,
Keystone Toy Truck or vintage Buddy L Car
in good condition Also seeking antique Buddy L trains, prewar pressed steel toys or old Buddy L flivver
cars or toy trucks manufactured 1909-1949 Your antique
Buddy L Toys are important to us. Buddy "L"
Museum helping collectors buy and sell toys for more than half a century Your toys are important to us
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pressed steel toys, trucks and cars
Buddy "L" Museum world's oldest buyer of Buddy L Trucks Buddy L Trains Buddy L Cars
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Wanted ~ Antique Buddy L Trucks ~ Vintage Buddy L Cars & Trains
Buddy "L" Museum ~ "the most trusted name in
Pressed Steel Toys"
Buddy L Museum will appraise your vintage Buddy L Toys including Buddy L trains and all Buddy L Toy Trucks free of
charge Presently paying up to two thousand dollars for any antique
Buddy L Flivver with original factory box.   Buddy L
Museum "the most prestigious name in
pressed steel toys" View the latest additions to the Buddy "L" Toy Museum and by clicking highlighted links located on each page Need advice selling your
Buddy L Airplane or
Buddy L Cement Mixer?     Send a brief description including color and condition and include a daytime phone number
Are you Interested in becoming a member of the
Buddy L Museum collectors club?        Please fill out our membership
form located @    View several variations of the early
Buddy L Dump Truck and
other rare
Buddy L Trains located throughout the Buddy L Toy Museum web pages. If you need to inquire about visiting
hours or special tours contact our division of operations Monday through Thursday. Fast Free Antique
Toy Appraisals
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Free Appraisals ~ Buddy L Museum the world's largest buyer of Buddy L ~ Keystone ~
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Know The Facts Before Selling Your Pressed Steel Toys
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Antique Kingsbury Golden Arrow
Racer with Dunlap racing tires
Antique Steelcraft Toy Truck
Free Buddy L Fire Truck
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